Saturday, March 13, 2010

Article: Self-Publishing - Part 1

It seems like we have been getting more and more inquiries from those who would like not just to make, but to sell their own book, so I am beginning of a blog series on Self-Publishing. I hope in the coming weeks I can help you to learn how to successfully make, market and promote YOUR book!

Part One – What's it all about?

Traditional book publishers have recently been hit hard, making it very difficult for the unknown author to get their foot in the door. Many smaller publishers are going out of business with the rise of print-on-demand (POD) services growing. This, combined with the ability to sell online and reach a world-wide audience, means that the playing field is leveled and gives those who want to publish the ability to see their work in print.

Why Self-Publish?

  • First of all – it’s easy! By using professional designers (like ourselves) you can now turn your content into a professional looking book.

  • It’s cost effective. POD suppliers only print your book when there is an order and this saves on over-buying by the publisher and /or author now frantic to hawk their wares.

  • Profit Margins are greater. POD’s also allow you to receive a larger profit from each book sold, much more than the royalties from a traditional publisher.

  • Great Quality. The quality of POD books have come a long way and rival that of any printer. No more digital looking images means your book looks professional.

  • Amazon Listings – need I say more? You can now have your title listed with the big boys. It’s easy to get your book listed on sites like Amazon and help you find you find your audience!

  • Self-publishing can also help you to present your book to a major publisher. For one, you can show them what your book might look like and two, if you can prove sales you are more likely to get signed.

The Down-Side?

It will be up to you to market and promote your book – don’t worry, there are many resources to help you out - I will be naming quite a few in the articles to follow.


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