Saturday, March 13, 2010

Don't I Look Smart

Here is the first book that Autumn illustrated for PP. This was commissioned by Authors Meredith and Joshua Braunstein, both producers for Nickelodeon.

It is a book about their son and the challenges of a young child wearing glasses. Meredith wanted the character to resemble their son, Zach and sent us photos for other characters in the story. Autumn really was able to capture the essence of their little boy.

CLIENT RESPONSES: "We couldn't be happier.", She's amazing and has captured our ideas perfectly.""we did show her work to the graphics department, they couldn't believe she's only 17. Loved her work. ", " Oh my god. We're dying over here. Wow!!!!! Don't change anything. I'm in love. I can't stpp looking at it. Neither can Josh. :) ", "She makes us So happy. We love her work, we picked the right girl for the job. :)", "Honestly, you two were a pleasure and so very talented. I believe this project won't be the last from us though. :). We'll definitely be in touch after this one is through. We loved working with you as well."

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