Saturday, April 10, 2010

Article: Self-Publishing - Part 5

Part Five - The Press Kit

The press or media kit is a set of promotional materials that are to be distributed for promotional purposes. Not everyone will need a full blown press release kit but you should have a copy of your basic author information. Here are some things that you can include:

· Basic Biography

· Author Photograph

· Book Information - Including the full title, your name, publisher, date published, and ISBN.

· Order Information - where the book can be purchased ie. or URL to your bookstore.

· Book Cover Image – even if it is just a B&W photocopy

· Reviews

· Media List – list of appearances

· Bookmarks & Postcards

Include your contact info on every page

Not only should you have a hardcopy of your press kit but if you have a website it is a good idea to post your materials online so you can easily include a link to them when necessary.

Your release should not exceed 500 words in length.

Avoid excessive use of adjectives and stick to ordinary language.


Press Release Template:



Contact Person
Telephone number
Fax Number
Email Address
Web Site URL

Headline: The Headline of your press release should include one line only. It is the most important ingredient of a press release and should be written in the form of a newspaper headline in order to grab the reader’s attention. Don’t be afraid to make bold claims about your book as long as you can back them up.)

City, State / Province, Date.

The Text Of The Release:
(These paragraphs should contain information in the form of a regular news story; who, what, where, when, and why. You should also outline the major benefits of your book and what makes your book unique. Including quotes from other book reviewers adds more weight and credibility to your release).

For additional information or sample copy, contact:

Contact Person
Telephone Number
Fax Number
Email address
Web site URL

### (This indicates the end of the press release)
sample from:


Remember, your press release is not an ad to sell your book, but instead, an information package to generate interest in the media.


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