Friday, June 26, 2009

Sally Ford's 2008 Photography Book

Ya! I got my book today ... Well I like to get them too!
I was invited to be part of Blurb's PDF Beta Program. They asked me to create a book using a Adobe InDesign and to upload with a new system for a more professional way to create books.
As a thank you they gave me this 11x13 270 page Hardcover ImageWrap book!
This baby is big and beautiful, just take a look at some of the pages ...

The quality of the images was amazing. The colors were true to my calibrated monitor using their printer profiles so I have confidence to make books without worry of color casts. I was truly impressed with the photo quality - no pixlating or digitizing of the images!

I have to say that I now have more creative control than ever. This new way will not only save me time, so I can concentrate on the design end, but it allows me to make changes on the fly to better serve my customers needs.

I am really excited about it and to celebrate I am offering to make 4 Art books on a first come first serve basis for just $99 and that includes design, book AND shipping (click here for more details)

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