Photography & Illustration

Everyone working for Platte Productions has a background in art so we can create custom images for you whether you need artwork or photography.  Of course we can purchase clip art for you through many of the stock art websites but if you want something special that is just for you then let us make it happen!

To view artwork used in our books, visit the Illustration link in the Category list on the right.



Hello. My name is Sally Ford and I would like to give you a little background. I am the owner of Platte Productions but it wasn't always a book design and publishing company. I first was an artist displaying my work through the site and working, not only as an on-staff artist, but as an independent contractor doing mostly portrait work. As I started to build my site I found I had a passion for graphic design as well and, as technology allowed, I ventured into web design and digital art. Making books has allowed me to merge my love for both. Fortunately for me, my daughter Autumn has a shared love for each as well and is an amazing artist in her own right. Together we are able to offer our clients the best of both worlds for those who are looking to make a dream project come true. Please take a look at our past, present and future work by viewing our personal links, and the" Illustration" link on the right, and see if there is something we can offer you! My personal art site:

I would like to introduce you to my daughter Autumn.  Not only is she gorgeous, so is her art.  Her style is a lot different from my own, she is more of an illustrator as I am more of a fine artist so she does most of the artwork that is commissioned.  She is amazingly talented and has won quite a few awards already for her art, including a scholarship from iTunes (yes, I am a proud mom).  She is 18 and will be attending NCSU in the fall but for now she is ready to rock and roll so commission her while she is still available!  Take a look at her personal portfolio at:

Beautiful Chalese works with us as a book designer and specializes in blog books.  She has a BA in Graphic Design and we are so lucky to have her talent as part of our team!