How much do you charge?
Of course, everyone wants to know how much it is going to cost but there is no pat answer until we find out a little more about your project.  Start by sending us some basic information...Book or Magazine?  How many pages? What is your Deadline? and any other details and we will try to get you a quick estimate.

What sizes &style books do you offer?
Bookstore-Quality books feature commercial quality 4-color printing on 80# coated, semi-matte paper.
Professional-level printing for color control and printing consistency also available.  Sturdy Covers - Choose from black-linen hardcovers with library binding and custom 4-color laminated dust jackets, or softcovers with durable perfect binding. From 20 - 440pages
B&W 5x8" (cover is full color)
Square 7x7"
Standard Portrait 8x10"
Standard Landscape 10x8"
Large Format Landscape 13x11"
Large Square 12x12"
Magazine 8.25x10.75

How do I send you my files?
You can upload up to 6 files at a time here or if you have a large batch to send us we will provide you with easy instructions to "drag &drop" to an FTP server or you can use an online service like, If you have an online album(such as Flickr) or a blog, we can extract your images from there and
of course you can mail us a disc of your images. DO NOT convert your images to CMYK.

How big should my files be?
A resolution of 300 dpi is ideal for printing but it is more important to look at the actual size of the image,

Print Size Minimum resolution recommended:

Wallet size (3 x 2").......450x300 pixels
4 x 6............................600x900 pixels
5 x 7............................750x1050 pixels
8 x 10..........................1200x1500 pixels
13x11……………….…..1950x1650 pixels

Can you retouch my images?
Yes, we can!  We want your photos to look their best and we adjust them as part of our service but if you need more extensive retouch it's just $5.00 per image (complimentary for custom design jobs) for basic retouch which includes:
red-eye, blemish, minor spots, effects such as - vignettes, borders, sepia tone, b&w conversion, duo-tones, or contact for a quote on a custom job & photo manipulations.
(click here for samples: Pro-Retouch or Effects Gallery)

Can you scan my images for me?
Sure, we can scan your images for .75 each.
We scan all images at a resolution of 600 dpi with a photo CD available for $5.00 (shipping included to US) or free with at least 25 scanned images. NOTE: There is some risk to sending photos through the mail, we do not assume responsibility for lost or damaged items.
Insurance Available.

Do you have copyrights to my image or book?
By submitting images you are claiming that you own the copyright or have permission to use the image from the copyright owner.  You are not transferring that right by using our services. We do however ask to be able to at least use the cover for promotional purposes. It is up to you to grant us permission to use individual pages.

Can I preview my book before it's printed?
Yes, we will provide you with a link for you to be able to soft proof your book and approve it before printing begins.

Once the book or magazine is complete, an online preview is available for you to share with friends and family or potential customers.

Why not just design it myself?
Learning new software, managing images and making design choices best suited for your book can be a daunting task. Leave the work to us to make your book the best it can be by using our knowledge, experience and understanding of layout & design, color profiles and the specs needed for a high quality print.

What if I'm not happy with my book?
If you are not happy with the design aspect we will work with you until it's right, that is why we make sure you approve your project before it is printed.
If you are not happy with the product itself due to manufacturing defects or errors caused by the printing press, you can return your book or magazine and a new one will be sent to you ASAP!

Do I have to pay for extra design services if I want to order multiple books?
No, that is a one time fee.

Is there a minimum book order?
No, since we work with print-on-demand printers, you can buy 1 or 1,000!

How long will it take to get my book?
This depends on our design schedule but typically it takes us about a week to do a 50 page book.
A time estimate will be given to you at the start of each job.
Shipping takes 7-10 days after proof approval.

What other services do you offer?
ISBN Number & Barcode
Copyright Forms
Marketing Materials such as bookmarks, postcards, business cards & posters
Custom Photo Announcements / Invitations
Photo Retouch, Restoration & Manipulations
Photo CD's & DVD's
Image Scanning
Custom Graphics
Custom Original Artwork

Photography Services

Where's the fine print?
Before sending us a deposit we ask that you look over our standard work agreement.
By sending us payment you are accepting these terms. Let us know if you have any questions ahead of time!

What type of payments do you accept and where can I send them?
We accept Credit Cards via PayPal, Checks and Money Orders
There is a 3% paypal fee for payments over $100

PayPal payments can be made to:
other payments can me made out to and sent to:

Platte Productions
P.O.Box 183
Efland, NC 27243

Still have questions? Please email me at email@platteproductions and we will get back to you ASAP!